Al-Maghreb Intensive

Al-Maghreb Ten-Day Intensive

Al-Maghreb Ten-Day Intensive

This course is designed for travelers with no background in Arabic who seek a deeper understanding of Morocco. The course consists of a two-hour Moroccan Arabic class every morning, followed by a cultural activity each afternoon.

These include events such as a tour of Mederssas in the Fez Medina, meetings with Muslim scholars, attendance at a Sufi night, a visit to the Roman ruins at Volubilis, plus lessons in both Arabic calligraphy and Moroccan cuisine. During the second week, an afternoon will be spent volunteering with a local aid organization giving participants the opportunity to use their new Arabic skills and to help the community.

Over the weekend, we offer optional day or overnight trips to a variety of locations in Morocco.

Each Al-Maghreb session will be slightly different depending on the time of year and events scheduled in Fez. Please contact us for more information about the session that you wish to attend.