There are three housing options available for students.

A homestay with a Moroccan family is a unique experience that provides students with a deep insight into Moroccan culture. Students have private rooms, and all meals are provided by the family.


4200 Dh for a three week session.

Homestays can be arranged for shorter lengths of time, though families normally charge higher daily rates under these circumstances.

If you would like to have a homestay, please fill out the following form and include it when you submit the registration form.

Homestay Questionnaire.doc
Homestay Questionnaire.pdf

We do our best to find families that meet our students’ preferences. Please be aware that it may not be possible to find a family that corresponds exactly to one's housing choices.

All homestays have a three-day trial period. Students wishing to seek other housing options should contact the SACAL administration during this period, as homestay fees cannot be refunded after this time.


The Centre is happy to help students find a hotel that matches their budget and tastes. It is advisable to reserve hotel accommodations well in advance, especially during the summer months.


From 200Dh/night


SACAL maintains a list of apartments in Fez. Those wishing to live in apartments may request this list upon arrival. Students should plan to spend their first week in Fez in a homestay or hotel, as finding a suitable apartment may take several days.

Apartments in Fez are usually only available on a per-month basis; for this reason, SACAL recommends this housing option only for students who plan to stay in Fez for at least six weeks.


Furnished: from 3500-10000Dh/month