Colloquial Moroccan Arabic

Language Courses

Language Courses

Colloquial Moroccan Arabic 100a and 100b For students with no previous experience in Arabic. Students will learn the Arabic script, as well as basic greetings and common expressions, with the goal of enabling them to communicate with Moroccans as quickly as possible. By the end of the course, students should be able to read short texts and hold simple conversations in CMA.

Colloquial Moroccan Arabic 101a and 101b
For students who have studied Modern Standard Arabic. An accelerated version of CMA 100a, students who take this course are expected to be familiar with Arabic script and grammar. Upon completion of this course, students will be adequately prepared to take CMA 300a.

Colloquial Moroccan Arabic 200a and 200b
In the intermediate course, students will flesh out their knowledge of CMA using a wide variety of media, including newspapers, short films, popular music and the poetry of Abderrahman Mejdhoub. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of vocabulary. Students will gain the ability speak confidently on a variety of topics.
Prerequisite: CMA 100b, or permission of instructor.

Colloquial Moroccan Arabic 300a and 300b
This course will hone students’ ability to communicate in idiomatic Moroccan. Included are discussion and analysis of Moroccan proverbs, riddles, folk tales and films. Upon completion of the advanced classes, students should be able to write essays and stories in CMA and converse on a wide range of subjects.

Prerequisite: CMA 101b, 200b, or permission of instructor